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Registration Management Made Easy

From registration and enrollment to payment and financial tracking, our software platforms provide easy-to-use solutions for youth enrichment, community & adult education and membership organizations. 



Registration Management Software

School & Administration Software

Flexible solutions to manage your day-to-day operations.

ASAP Connected

Comprehensive registration and class management solutions for schools and organizations, including student data administration, financial reporting, badging and communication tools.


PT Avenue

User-friendly administrative software, including member management, financial tracking and communication tools to help streamline your organization’s workflows.


Product Advantages

A comprehensive suite of services tailored for your organization.

Customize Your Registration Process
Leverage your brand power with fully customized registration functionality that matches your existing website.

Streamline Account Management
Register multiple family members for class or other activities at the same time through ASAP's family-based account structure.

Improve Attendance & Increase Retention
Connect students, teachers and parents using online communication tools, including automated emails and integrated social media.

Simplify Class Management
View or modify class schedules and easily track attendance, drops and transfers, and automatically process charges and credits.

Maximize Student Engagement
Allow students to view schedules and class assignments, pay bills, print statements and share assignments with their teachers.

Experience Unparalleled Business & Financial Insight
Access student and class data and track your financials, including revenue, A/R, daily settlements, invoices and more.

Backed by 30 years' experience building systems for educational institutions, 
Connexeo delivers
advanced tools needed to manage diverse programs - anytime, anywhere.

Intuitive browsing, family-based accounts and easy checkout

Custom registration forms with individual & family-activity tracking

Create class schedules, track attendance and manage enrollments

Automate recurring billing, payment plans and email reminders

Generate operational reports, financials and analytics

Instructor payroll, data management and API integration

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