Education Administration. Simplified.

Class Management Software Solutions for K-12 and Youth Programs

Connexeo serves K-12 and Youth Programs K-12 and Youth Programs are an essential part of every community, enriching countless lives year after year.

As a professional involved in these organizations, your expertise and passions lie in teaching, coaching and working with young people, and your time is best spent doing so. 

Connexeo delivers powerful online tools to simplify operational tasks and enable you to:

  • Offer easy online registration with intuitive course browsing, family accounts and easy checkout. 
  • View and track activity and history at the individual and family level for better insight.
  • Simplify administrative tasks: manage schedules, track attendance, automate billing and more.
  • Manage workshops, conferences and camps over multiple sessions, days and locations.
  • Collect student information using customized registration forms.
  • Raise money effectively with the ability to define multiple campaigns and collect donations in-house or online.

For music-centered organizations, check out Charms, Connexeo's web-based music education administration software.




We've benefited tremendously from implementing Charms... Parents and administrators love it, and the kids are becoming more and more adept at utilizing the program as well. You provide a terrific service with fantastic support!

- Peter Bauer, Director of Bands, Columbia High School

I LOVE the effortless and good recording ability of the Charms recording studio! It made our year-end skills playing tests quick and comprehensive.

- Kim Madlock, Queen City, MS
With the Charms library system, I can see exactly what music is still out and how much the student owes in fees if they don't return it. This kind of documentation is INVALUABLE!

- Virginia Volpe, ACC Northridge

Your system was introduced to me last school year as something that could help my JROTC program become better organized. I have to say, after using it for the past 14 months or so, it is a huge improvement over what we were doing.

- John Tijerina, JROTC at Ronald Reagen High School

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