How Cashless Campus can Ease First-Day Hassle

Connexeo - 08/10/2018

The days and weeks surrounding the start of a new school year are the most harrowing for school and school district staff. Teachers are working to get their classrooms and lesson plans in order; principals and assistant principals are finalizing schedules; and the business office is collecting fees and adjusting ledgers so students can ride the busses or join the football or volleyball team.

If a large portion of those transportation, athletics, band and other activity fees are still being paid via cash, check or on-site credit card, that’s putting even more of a burden on the front-desk personnel, accountants and other business office staff.

Cash and checks will change hands countless times before they must be manually deposited into a bank account – from the front desk, to the central contact in the business office, to the person handling the specific ledger, to the person going to the bank. During that time, the payment must be manually entered into the ledger, ensuring that the right student is credited with having paid the correct fee. With band camps and fall sports practices beginning soon, if they haven’t already, making sure the financials are taken care of is essential.

The solution is easy: Adopt the Cashless Campus philosophy. By utilizing school payment software, parents can pay all transportation and activities fees online, with a click of the mouse or tap of a smartphone button. One school district accountant, when asked what her office could do now that it had adopted a Cashless Campus solution, said simply, “Breathe!”

School payment software benefits every stakeholder in the payment cycle:

  • Business office staff: The Cashless Campus streamlines the system by automatically posting transactions made online to the correct ledger and crediting the appropriate account, saving the business office a tremendous amount of time and energy, and freeing it up to execute other projects. It also minimizes the risks of human error – misappropriating a payment to the wrong account.
  • Parents: No longer do parents have to take time from their day to come to school and drop off a check or cash to ensure their child will be able to take the bus or go to practice. Also, it eliminates the need to make multiple stops – the athletic office, band office, transportation office, or multiple school offices if the parent has kids at different campuses. And, finally, depending on the system used, parents can do more than pay transportation and activity fees; they can pay for before- and after-school programs, fill meal cards, buy spirit wear and do other things.
  • Students: First, some older high school students who pay for their own lunches and snacks can do so at their leisure. Second, the Cashless Campus minimizes the risk of the younger, irresponsible students losing the money their parents gave them before they can give it to the right person at school. (Or, simply forgetting about it until the parent finds it in the pants pocket when doing the laundry.)

Preparing for the start of the school year is difficult enough. Adopting a school payment software system and moving toward a Cashless Campus won’t remove all the hassle, but it can relieve some of the stress and make the fee-payment process run more smoothly.

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