Welcome to the Cashless Campus Movement

Connexeo - 05/02/2018

A movement underway

Over the past decade cash has become increasingly unnecessary for business transactions. From direct deposit, to credit and debit cards, to electronic transfers, down to apps such as Venmo, with which you can repay your share of the dinner bill to friends, physical cash is going the way of the 8-track tape.

Many school districts are rapidly moving towards removing the burden of dealing with physical cash to improve efficiency and keep better track of financial flow. Online school payment systems – such as Connexeo’s RevTrak – allow for all fees, cafeteria meals, before- and after-care charges and other items to be paid for simply, efficiently, and electronically.

Welcome to the Cashless Campus

With these payment solutions, students will no longer have to risk losing those dollar bills stuffed in a pants pocket, checks for programs and fieldtrips, or lunch allowances. The prepaid lunch money is loaded on a card under the student’s name in the computer. If the balance starts getting low, the system automatically notifies parents to make another payment.

Since every student’s information is in the online database, the cafeteria cashier does not have to remember – or take the time to look up – whether each child going through the line is on a free or reduced lunch program.

Online school payment systems also are useful for:

  • Registration fees
  • Child-care fees
  • Field trip fees
  • Athletics fees
  • Yearbook charges
  • Spirit wear costs
  • Transportation fees
  • Parking fees for high school students
  • Donations/fund-raising contributions

The cashless campus simply eliminates the arduous hours needed to process payments manually, separating them into various accounts and then having to track the money trail through paperwork. In the cashless system, each account has its own code, and once a payment is made, it is automatically entered into the correct account without any human interference.  The technology is seamless and invisible.

Online systems are also convenient for the parents who need to pay the schools for services. With the ability to pay online, 24/7, they don’t have to come to the school or send cash or a check with their child – with all the risks inherent in that. Not to mention, the tendency of the young student not to tell mom until the last minute, “I need $10 for that field trip to the zoo today.”

Parents can be easily trained to use the intuitive system with a simple orientation meeting at the start of the new school year, or through brochures, school websites, or even social media pages.

For school districts, parents and students, online payment systems offer convenience and efficiency and better reconciliation to capture fees. For school staff, these systems make the back offices run more smoothly, with a higher level of accuracy and allow staff members to work on other, more crucial projects.

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