Improve Programs & Performance

Administration Software for Community and Fine Arts

OEducation Software for the Artsrganizations offering arts education and enjoyment to their communities need a modern, comprehensive management system to help create successful outcomes.

Whether you are a music or arts school, a municipal arts center, a language school or community choir, count on Connexeo's best-in-class solutions to help improve your programs and your performance.

With Connexeo's administration software for the arts, you can:

  • Automate the basics: registration, class management, payment processing and reporting.
  • Integrate online donations, fundraising goals, memberships, email and social media.
  • Organize and promote workshops, events, trips and special exhibits.
  • Schedule renewal reminders and streamline dues collection with seamless online payments.
  • Manage season ticket billing and sell individual tickets to special events.





I teach to equip my graduate-level students with the tools to help them work smarter and more efficiently, and your product certainly fits that description!

- R. Coulter, Online Course Instructor

ASAP has given our program what it needs to thrive in the technological age and to become the best it’s ever been. I'm amazed by how perfectly the ASAP software fits the needs of our program and has enabled me to take ownership of functions once held by several campus offices.

- Janae O'Shileds, Lawson Academy of the Arts
With the help of ASAP, we are really streamlining the product to suit our needs and making our registration process much more user-friendly. I would highly recommend this software. I, for one, am very satisfied.

- Donna Strout, Community School of Music & Arts

The feature within student private lesson schedules, where lessons that were missed with makeups added is AWESOME, and is going to save me so much time… Thanks for the improvement!

- Denise Statland, Pasadena Conservatory of Music

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